Course Content for SAP CRM

SAP BI is Business Intelligence. It is a technology process for detecting data and present it with information used for helping corporate executives and end users, managers that enable organizations in collecting the data from internal sources. It helps in preparing and developing queries against the data in creating a report. It is available to corporate companies in making decision as operational work.



    SAP CRM is a group of middleware programs and tools which is derived from SAP. It is an R/3 product used in managing and helping large companies. SAP improves the base which enables the applications to be portable across other operating systems. And database. It includes client architecture and server architecture. It is an interface between system elements and with basic components which includes development environment for R/3 applications as well as system and in monitoring tools.

    Course Content for SAP CRM

    • Overview in Middleware
    • Middleware Adapters
    • Concept in RFC
    • Concepts in B-Docs
    • Initial Download Concepts
    • Architecture Overview
    • ASAP Methodology
    • Overview – CRM Framework
    • Business Partner
    • Organization Management
    • Territory Management
    • Products
    • Transaction
    • Partner Processing
    • Activity
    • Configuration in Screening
    • Overview – Marketing Concept
    • Objectives
    • Tasks
    • Planning in Marketing
    • Elements in Marketing
    • Campaign Management
    • Campaign Execution
    • Management Lead
    • Management in External List
    • Personal Mail Form
    • Sales Life Cycle
    • Closed loop cycle
    • Sales Order Scenario
    • Opportunity Management
    • Sales Scenarios
    • Service
    • Service Overview
    • Different Types of Services
    • Base Management
    • Service
    • Service Orders
    • CRM Analytics