Top 6 Facts about SAP Success Factors and Payroll Integration


Combination between SAP Cloud Payroll or on-reason Payroll on one side and Success Factors EC on the additional side regularly brings up issues and can periodically make perplexity. Here are a couple plain truths to help your configuration and guide choices:

1) SAP offers a standard incorporation situation between Success Factors Employee Central and on-reason Payroll. This is called “Center Hybrid Integration”.

2) SAP Cloud Payroll – Employee and Easy payroll is at its center near on-reason Payroll. The composition and finance driver are still there and an on-reason finance master will be perceive >95% of the design. Notwithstanding: it is not the very same framework and attempting to accomplish an one2one movement is not a smart thought.

3) That likewise applies to joining with Employee Central. Cloud Payroll is, as you may expect, more often than not ahead with combination.

4) The Core Hybrid situation supports incorporation for expert information and in addition nonattendance information from Employee Central Time Off.

5) HOWEVER: in the event that there is a crevice in Cloud Payroll blocking you from utilizing it, since EC Timesheet can’t give the information required by legitimate necessities in your nation, you MAY have the capacity to utilize some usefulness from RPTIME00 to close this hole. For this situation, address your SuccessFactors account official or Employee Central item administration, or contact us so we might have the capacity to offer assistance.

6) There is a great deal more to come in Cloud Payroll, interfaces between EC and PR, and in Employee Central Time and Attendance itself. You’ll discover intriguing new components each quarter and I’m sure that in 12 months’ time numerous more clients will see that the arrangement functions admirably for them.

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